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Lease a Horse

Lease a horse from Sambambyr farm and treat him/her as your own. Do this for fun, as a hobby, to get out into nature and/or relaxation time. By leasing a horse, you can come during farm hours to brush, ride, and bond with a horse. Depending on the horse, you can also compete in local DFW competitions. 

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This is Spirit, an American Quarter Horse. He is a great beginner rider horse and has helped teach people how to ride for 10 years. He is used for pleasure riding, trails, and lessons. 



Handsome is a 17 year old, reiner, cow horse. He loves to eat treats and just about anything. This horse has a BIG personality and is a social butterfly. He is good for teenage to adult, intermediate or advance riders. His last rider won every class she competed in. 




Hollywood is a 17 year old, sweet heart. She loves babysitting little kids and is a great beginner rider horse. She is a retired, competitive reiner and rides very smoothly. 




Hawk is an 11 year old, boss man's ranch, cow horse. He is great for intermediate to advance riders. He is awesome for trail riding, cow work and ranch/cow horse competitions. 


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